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Quote I bought mine in the summer of 1989 for $1100 and once went from Olive Ave. in Burbank to Valencia Blvd. in Santa Clarita in under fifteen minutes. 

          What is that–at least 130?  I would have no idea, because the speedometer only went to 100 and I was passing traffic on I-5 like everyone else was asleep.  I wrecked it in 1993-at less than 10 mph.



Talking about YouTube – 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix "A Grand One Owner"


Quote My dad’s an idiot, as HIS ’63 Chevy Nova II SuperSport was SUPPOSED TO BE my FIRST CAR.

Dumb ass.

YouTube – 1963 Chevy Nova SS


Quote Would you believe THAT’S what a compact car USED TO look like?

YouTube – 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 Commercial