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Don’t believe this

I don’t believe this.
Due to circumstances, I have found myself out of Los Angeles and in Denver.
But SHE is still there.
Seven years, 1500 miles and other factors (which will remain top secret to protect her anonymity)…and she is still there.  I suppose that the craziest thing of all is that I am still there on her side of the equation.
Well, we’ll see what happens by the time the snow melts, maybe a miracle will happen.  I’m beginning to believe in those things.


Quote  Told ya! 

          Thank God that I’m an Alpha male.  Told ya!

What an ovulating girl wants: Manly men – LiveScience –


     Yet another kick in the ovaries for feminism!

     Reuter’s reported on August 9, 2006 that working longer hours actually hurts women more than it hurts US, men, who are used to working.

    The report states that women eat more junk food, exercise less and drink more caffeine than their male colleagues, according to Dr. Daryl O’ Connor, who is a researcher at Leed’s University in England.

    "Emotional" eaters supposedly take the biggest hit.

    Emotional eating is an excuse drummed up by feminists who try to explain why they can’t play with the big boys.  Glass ceiling, my ass!

    Look girls, take off your shoes, cook my dinner and walk barefoot on my back when I’m done.


    Why does working longer not affect us as much, you girls wonder????  WE’ RE USED TO IT!


Working long hours worse for women than men – Diet & Nutrition –


A thirty-year-old woman who’s never been married is like a car with 120,000.  What’s wrong with her? 

It’s different for a guy, because men have to be careful.  Women have the tendency to take men for what they can, cheat and then leave.  Women are beautiful when they are young and should use that beauty to attract a man, while they can.  Once their looks go, it’s over.


What’s more, what guy wants to settle for a woman who’s bedded everyone?  Why should we accept them in their declining years when their hair’s shorter and gray and their skin’s not as supple when they were in college?

Rethinking Marriage After 40 – Newsweek Society –

   I realize that I’m often very hard on women.  I think they are prone to infidelity, selfish and hypocritical.  This is because that’s what I’ve experienced.
   It began early in my life-even as far back as junior high school.  In those days, girls would tell me that they wanted me as their boyfriend-only to tell me they were joking later the same day.  They liked to see me happy so they could ruin me.
   Once I began to have relationships, I found even more problems.  My first girlfriend was consistently unfaithful.  I stayed because I feared lonliness.  Despite this, that relationship ended in 1991.  One girl would cancel dates at the last minute.   Another girl told me she’d never break up with me unless I cheated on her.  I never did, and she left anyway.
   I have now become so repressive in my thinking that I can understand why a guy would check his girlfriend’s cellphone, her e-mail and question her everytime a male spoke to her.  While I know this isn’t right, I’ve been on the other side.  My favorite excuse is: "He’s just a friend."
   I know I have to change some of my views.  However, is it too much to ask that a woman be faithful so that I wouldn’t have to display these horrible traits in the first place?
  I’m sure Oprah would say that I’m asking too much.