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Quote God is false.  Metal is true and will save you while God watches from afar does nothing to ease your suffering.

Metal forever.

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Quote I didn’t know Disney produced this.  What would the religious hypocrites have to say about THIS?

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This chick needs to be deported to Saudi Arabia.


Quote "Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and render to God what is God’s."  Jesus Christ


Translation:  Drinking and driving mix better than God and the State.

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    And they wonder why we laugh at them!

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Christians have always been against knowledge and are now responsible for our educational demise because they favor pseudo science that is biblically sound, in their opinion.

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     Jesus wore swaddling clothes and was in a manger.

     John the Baptist wore sheepskins and lived in the desert.

     The Apostle Paul wrote about going about without food or clothing.

     So who is Benedict XVI to wear Guccis and Prada?

    People in the Western world have grown tired of Christianity’s hypocrisy.  While its message is one of redemption through poverty and struggle, its leaders live in luxury and self-indulgence.  Check out the people on TBN if you doubt me.  Most of those who watch it are of lower income brackets while their "shepards" live in Beverly Hills or Nashville and ask them to donate the milk money.

   Religions have exploited the poor for years, telling them that there is future glory in present suffering.  The West has rejected that notion over the past forty years and organized religion has lost great power in this part of the world as a result.

   Where religions flourish is in parts of the world where Time has come and gone. 



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